Jazmine, 18, stargazer.

Existing while Black is not a crime.

NMOS Rally 2k14
Union Square, NYC


Detail of a picture from the book L’Esprit Serge Lutens: The Spirit of Beauty, 1996

i’m a mess


Saturn’s moon Enceladus, also known as “Space Snowball”. 


I thought I liked your photo the other day when you posted it but I guess I didn't. Yeah that anon needs to go back to geometry class, like, that's not a half circle???? Those are just perfect eyebrows being perfect??

awe youre cute thanks babe, I know fuck’emm

Anonymous asked:
You're trying so hard on your eyebrows now did you realize they were half circles

lmao someone is salty my eyebrows cute af


being devoured alive by the past


Ibizan Hound


François-Henri Galland


Salvador Dali ~ “The Bather (Beigneuse)”, 1928

i’m so fucking insecure about the fact i think all my friends secretly dislike me and just stick around cause they feel they have to and i’m just gonna curl into a ball and never leave my room

so alone

so alone